Peter Goldie

Peter has a track record of creating & launching market-dominating products and is now a player-turned-coach, helping companies with the emerging discipline of category design. For the last decade, he’s been an angel investor and advisor on business, strategy, product, and marketing.

Peter first worked with the members of the Play Bigger team at Macromedia, where he lead the efforts to define a new category of digital experience design. As GM & VP he propelled Flash to become the most distributed software on the planet. He has held a number of operational roles ranging from CMO at Leanplum, GM & SVP at Fluid, GM at Alias/Wavefront (acquired by Autodesk) where he launched Maya, which received an Oscar for scientific and technical achievement. Peter's marketing expertise was honed during his time in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, building revenue and category on world-class brands such as Ivory, Crisco, and Pringles. His entrepreneurial spirit is seen through the startups he has co-founded, including Explory - a mobile app for creating rich, compelling stories. With his wife, Susan, he also founded sewnow! fashion studio, and the recently launched

When taking a break from business, he's probably with his boys on a Scouting activity, road running (barefoot), or trying to elevate a recipe to achieve "world's best" status. Peter holds a B.Comm from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.