A process to meet your needs at your stage

A VC or private equity firm might want to seed category design thinking throughout its portfolio. An early-stage startup may need to explore a category strategy to get on the right track. A complex older company may need hands-on help and a deeper dive. CDA has a version of category design for each of those use cases.

Engaged Category Design: for mid-stage startups and established companies

Category design helps a company discover, define and win a new market category. CDA’s engaged category design is our most-sought offering with deep involvement from CDA partners. It is a proven way for startups, established companies and business units inside large companies to infuse category design thinking into the team and improve the company’s odds of owning and dominating its category.

Guided Category Design: for early stage startups

Guided Category Design is a lighter-weight, Zoom-based version of our work – a way for early-stage startups to infuse category design thinking into the company and come away with a strategy that sets the company on a path to own and dominate its category.

Category Design Portfolio Day: for VCs and other investors

For investors, such as VCs and private equity groups, with a portfolio of companies, injecting category design thinking into those companies increases the odds of better returns.

Speaking Engagements: for conferences, board meetings, off-sites and more

Kevin Maney, a Category Design Advisors founding partner, co-author of the book Play Bigger, and author of several bestselling books about the tech industry, is available for speaking engagements.