We help companies identify, define and win new market categories.

Category design is critical to success at many points in a company’s life. Our category design workshops will get your leadership team aligned behind a clear, well-crafted strategic direction in just a few weeks.


  • Get the focus right and find a differentiating market space.
  • Define the new space and tell a compelling story for potential investors when fund-raising.
  • If pivoting, identify and define a clear new strategy that builds on previous successes.

“The category design process helped us dramatically sharpen and improve our category and direction, and develop messaging and positioning around it.”
Assaf Resnick, CEO, BigPanda


  • Get alignment around a clear strategy that drives product development, marketing, sales, recruitment and investor relations.
  • Develop a compelling strategy story that you can tell to investment bankers and inform the S1 filing.

"When you’re clear about the problem, it’s amazing how the category manifests itself.”
Ragy Thomas, CEO, Sprinklr


  • Identify and define a bold new growth direction that builds on previous successes.
  • For enterprise R&D, develop a strategy for innovation by identifying a new category the company can create and dominate.

"It’s been an epic feat to get to this point, and the CDA team gave us the push we need to get uncomfortable, be bold, and to think differently.”
Alyssa Merwin-Henderson, VP Global Sales Solutions, LinkedIn®