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Over the years, Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse have been guests on various podcasts sharing stories for category designers everywhere. Hopefully, they will influence you as well.

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How Category Designers Create The Future 

With Christopher Lochhead on Follow Your Different

On this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, our guests Lauren Dunford and Kevin Maney discuss how Category Designers work to create the future. On this topic, we also talk about how do you create a company that makes a difference and makes money at the same time.

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Why Category Design on The Mindset Playbook

With Larry Olsen on the Mindset Playbook

Just how important is it to have others chasing after you, rather than you chasing your competitors? Is your why so compelling that nothing stands in your way, while driving your team to give their heart and soul to its fulfillment? Listen for more from Kevin Maney and Larry Olsen in this episode of the Mindset Playbook.

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B2B Category Creators

Int the 30th episode of Category Creators, Gil Allouche talks category creation with Kevin Maney, Author of Play Bigger and Partner at Category Design Advisors. This episode covers key concepts about category creation from one of the people who invented the term. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to build a company that makes an impact.


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Investment Opportunities Are Everywhere with Kevin Maney of Category Design Advisors

On the Knucklehead Podcast

Being a journalist for most of his life, Kevin noticed that the majority of businesses, especially those in the newspaper and media industry, are trapped in their own business model. As newspapers and other print media have waned in popularity, digital format is now the future of journalism, and category design will play an increasingly important role in shaping how readers interact with content.

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Kevin Maney on designing your own category

With Liam Geraghty on Inside Intercom

As a tech journalist, Kevin has been witnessing the evolution of the tech industry for more than 20 years. According to him, winning is not really about beating the competition – it’s about inventing a whole new game. And that’s why he co-wrote Play Bigger with Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, and Christopher Lochhead. In this episode, we sit down with Kevin to talk about the inner workings of category design: what it actually means and how companies can leverage it to grow.

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Kevin Maney on How to Create and Own a Category in Tech

With Bob Geller on Done and Doner 

Guest Kevin Maney, co-founder of strategy consulting firm Category Design Advisors, joins host Bob Geller to discuss how tech companies can achieve market leadership.

It's a noisy and competitive world in technology. How to stand apart? It gets down to creating and owning a category.  Kevin will offer learnings based on his many years working as a consultant, top journalist, and co-author of the book Play Bigger.

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How To Create Different Futures with Kevin Maney

With Christopher Lochhead on Follow Your Diffeent

As we all know, Context is everything. Around here, we believe that thinking about thinking is the most important kind of thinking. So if you want to design a different future, the context of your thinking matters. In this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we discuss context and much more with Kevin Maney.

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A Masterclass on Category Creation with Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse 

With Stewart Hillhouse on Top of Mind

What brands come to mind for these product categories: electric vehicle, tissue, ketchup. I’d be willing to bet you said Tesla, Kleenex, and Heinz. That's because those three brands all own the categories in which they compete. And what better way to dominate your category than by creating it yourself! 

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Kevin Maney Business Wars | Legends & Losers Podcast

With Christopher Lochhead on Lochhead on Marketing

Kevin Maney is the co-author of Play Bigger and the go-to guy on IBM history. In this episode, they touch base to discuss how IBM won the first material category battle in the technology industry. They unearth lessons from the past and how studying IBM's journey can help in the future.


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Category Creation: Why Category Design Thinking Is Necessary In Times of Crisis w/ Kevin Maney & Mike Damphouss‪e‬

With John Rugi on B2B Growth

In this episode of the Category Creation series, we talk to Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse of Category Design Advisors. A time of crisis might seem like it's time to hunker down. But category design thinking can open up opportunities that can help you survive or even thrive. Kevin and Mike will explain how.

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Marketing Over Coffee-Unscaled

With John Wall on Marketing Over Coffee

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about Unscaling, Category Design, Unhealthcare and more! Where did Category Design and the book Play Bigger come from? The book led to the creation of Category Design Advisors Unscaled – how world changing technologies are taking apart scaled up industries.

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Kevin Maney & The Power of Being Unscaled

With Christopher Lochhead on Legends and Losers

Innovations in data have brought about the age of personalized products at scale. How does this fit into the greater concept of unscaling? How is it so different from the age of scale? How will blockchain actually protect our privacy? On this episode, Kevin Maney shares some of the key insights from his latest book including living your life as a personal enterprise and personalized education.

This new group of inventions is enabling something very different in this idea of scale. -Kevin Maney

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With Christopher Lochhead on Follow Your Different

Today, we have a fascinating conversation about how technology is driving a massive shift from traditional approaches to health care — which Kevin sort of frames as “sick care”— to a new category that he and his co-authors called health assurance.

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Fast Frontiers-Category Design

With Tim Schigel on Fast Frontiers

In this episode, we're going to dive into the learnings that came out of writing Play Bigger. Kevin talks about how to define and own a category, as well as the timeline of successful companies that ultimately go public.

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Marketing over Coffee with Mike Damphousse

With John Wall on Marketing Over Coffee

Mike talks Category Design, GreenLeads, and he’s on a boat. As a successful CMO turned CEO he shares the secret sauce to growing brands and expanding globally.

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A Conversational Guide to Category Building

With Sangram Varje on Flip My Funnel

In this open forum conversation, we break down the myth around category building — where most people get confused and how to better define the experience a company is building.

Christopher Lochhead, Kevin Maney, and Al Ramadan, co-authors of the book Play Bigger, join the show to discuss category building in all its finer details.


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Inside Play Bigger and Category Design with Kevin Maney and Mike Damphousse 

With John Farkas, Mark Whitlock, & Anna Grimes on Studio CMO 

On this edition of Studio CMO, we dive into:

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