Ike Kavas Ephesoft

Congratulations to category design client Ephesoft on its acquisition by Kofax. 

In the category design work we did with the Ephesoft leadership team in 2019, we all identified the problem of no easy way to turn massive amounts of blocked, wasted, unstructured data across every part of an organization into what we at the time called “liquid data,” and making it ready to flow into the hands of decision-makers and into machine-learning technology.

The service democratizes technology for capturing contextual data much the way Amazon Web Services democratized cloud computing. It makes the technology as easy to get and use as an app on an iPhone, and could connect the data coming in from a swarm of text-capturing apps at work in any company. Then, AI embedded in the services are able to learn from that data, and those learnings can help the company understand its business in ways never before possible.

Working with a vast partner ecosystem, Ephesoft has been deployed in the cloud and on-premises to customers around the globe saving costs, improving data accuracy and fueling their digital transformation journeys. The company will fit nicely with Kofax’s software for digital workflow transformation. 

“We’ve grown Ephesoft to provide a comprehensive set of value-add intelligent document processing capabilities and look forward to continuing that growth as part of Kofax,” said Ephesoft CEO Ike Kavas when announcing the acquisition. “Kofax will enhance Ephesoft’s go-to-market reach and ability to scale the business.”