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What is Category Design?

Play Bigger co-author and Category Design Advisor's partner, Kevin Maney along with CDA's team of category designers, guide you through the strategy and a methodology built around the goal of creating a new category of business.

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A new category is built around a problem no one knew they had, or a problem no one knew they could solve. A great category creates a great company and product.

Category Design is a way to identify a unique problem and show the market you have the solution. That’s how you stand out as different.

category design

Category Design Process

We guide your leadership team through a proven methodology that leads to defining and describing a new category. That methodology is outlined in the book Play Bigger, co-authored by CDA Partner Kevin Maney.

Our work involves brainstorming, interviews, research, creative development and no small amount of psychoanalysis. It is deep and meaningful, and will change the way your leaders think. Category design is best for companies with later-stage financing; companies preparing for an IPO or major funding round; large companies seeking to establish themselves in a new sector.

We can tailor the process to the size of the company and where it is in its lifecycle.

category design

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