Steve Sklepowich

Steve is a Seattle-based software industry leader who has held executive product management and marketing roles for venture-backed startups, Microsoft and Apple. He has launched over 20 products in online video, mobile app marketing, mobile healthcare, robotics, interactive media authoring and developer platforms.

In addition to leading global technical marketing teams in startups and Fortune 50 companies, Steve has expertise in new product introductions, competitive analysis, positioning, messaging, content strategy, PR/AR/social, inbound marketing, marketing automation, marketing analytics, strategic partnerships, ecosystem building, and sales enablement.

Steve was born and raised in Toronto and attended the University of Waterloo where he studied electrical engineering. He joined Apple soon after graduation, and after 6 years in Cupertino, moved north to join Microsoft, where he held senior worldwide product management roles for nearly 15 years. He has invested the past few years launching and scaling seed and venture-funded companies.