Mike Damphousse

Mike brings a hard-nosed, pragmatic aspect to category design, baked in from two decades as a company founder, CEO, CMO and sales executive. He understands how companies work and how to take a category plan from concept to implementation.

Mike was most recently founder and CEO/CMO of Green Leads, which created the category of Performance Based Demand Generation. He was previously CMO of Infoteria, a data integration software company which went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Mike has been in the Play Bigger family since he and Dave Peterson worked together at Pangaea, a sales configurator software company Mike founded in the ‘90s. Dave, one of the “Play Bigger” co-authors, joined Pangea to head up Mike’s marketing team. Later, the firm Play Bigger brought Mike into several projects as part of the extended family of category design experts.

Over the years, Mike has served on several boards of both commercial and non-profit ventures, currently serving on the board of Green Leads and FBIP. Mike holds a BS in Computer Science from Merrimack College. Mike's Smashmouth Marketing blog is widely read by the sales and marketing community, and he frequently shares his insights on stages ranging from DreamForce to open mic comedy nights.

Mike has three daughters, two granddaughters and lives on the water in both New Hampshire and Florida with his wife and business partner, Linda. He can be frequently heard philosophizing about the negative impact of corn on society, why we should all have a laying chicken in our backyard, or what flavor of beer to brew over the weekend.