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New Discipline of Category Design

Category Design Advisors is excited to be hosted by Stone & Chalk, one of Australia’s leading start-up hubs, for an event that will provide an overview and discussion of the powerful new discipline of Category Design.  

Stone & Chalk has an impressive track record of having supported, after just three years of operations, over 500 entrepreneurs working in over 100 start-ups that have already collectively raised AU$260 million in funding and employed an additional 500 people.

The February 26th event in Sydney will offer the opportunity for Stone & Chalk members to learn about and discuss category design, as outlined in the best selling book, Play Bigger, and why it is so critical for defining and dominating a market.

This will be in the context of Australia’s uneven results as a start-up nation. There has been a huge volume of debate and government initiatives, and a maturing of the venture capital environment, but a general consensus that a viral, critical mass of start-up success has not happened.

How can Australian start-ups improve their odds?

One way is to pursue the concept of category design. Category design is a way to help leaders think inventively about their company’s purpose and strategy. It is a way to discover a clear and different path ahead in the context of trends in technology, business and society. In a noisy, attention-deficit world, customers, partners and investors all want a clear category to understand, and prioritize amidst all the other noise. If you are a “me-too” startup that is focused on what features make you better, you are on a difficult path from the very outset. If you take the more powerful path of clearly defining the customer’s problem, and what category of solution it would take to solve that problem, then you are already improving your odds of creating and potentially dominating a new market. 

We are excited to be meeting the best and brightest Aussie start-ups on February 26th, please pass this opportunity along to your contacts!

See you the 26th! Register here: Eventbrite

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