Kevin Maney
Posted by Kevin Maney
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Join Play Bigger co-author Kevin Maney and the rest of the Category Design Advisors’ team in an open forum

Schedule Your Category Design Slot

We often hear from people who have read the book Play Bigger (co-authored by our partner, Kevin Maney) and have questions about running their own category design/category creation project. Now you can reserve a slot to bounce issues off a Category Design Advisors partner – pro bono. Schedule your time slot now.

Ask the Category Design Experts - Pro Bono

We live category design every day and have advised hundreds of companies on their category journey. We're happy to dish out a little free advice.

We provide four category design office hour slots per week. They are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Potential topics: problem, solution (your category), different, the thing, universal truth, point of view (POV), blueprint, ecosystem, persona, mobilization, lightning strikes, and the category design/category creation process.

This is our gift to the community. We want to evangelize the category design discipline and provide insight, best practices, and open discussion of all issues we face when designing a category. It doesn’t matter if you are at pre-seed level, A round, or a publicly traded company. If you’re focused on your category strategy, this is a must. 

Schedule your time slot now.