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LinkedIn Sales Solutions and the “Deep” Category Design Lightning Strike of 2022
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How Covey’s “The Seven Habits” Applies to Category Design
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How Category Designers Create The Future on the Follow Your Different Podcast featuring Kevin Maney
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Category designers see opportunity in a recession
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Category creator Ephesoft gets acquired by Kofax
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Tech drove the world into turmoil; it’s a huge category opportunity
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How Category Design Helps Discover Your Why
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How White Claw Won and Shaped Its Category
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Kevin Maney joins Larry Olsen on the MindSet Playbook Podcast
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IKEA’s Category Formula: How to See New Categories During Great Change
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eBook: 9 Key Lessons for ALL Category Designers
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London Category Design Dinner
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Responsible Category Designers Will Change Business Innovation As We Know It
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Category Names & Proprietary Eponyms–The Category Design Gold Standard
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Category Opportunities: The future of sports fandom
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Celebrating Category Design This Holiday Season - Manischewitz
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Announcing the Category Design 101 Video Series Designed in Partnership with Techstars
Thanksgiving Category Design
Thanksgiving Category Design Award: Ocean Spray
Category Design works with leadership teams to write a narrative story, which we call a Point of View (POV)
CEO Storytelling - Make It A Narrative
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Category Creation: How a New Book Defines “Health Assurance”
Join Play Bigger co-author Kevin Maney and the rest of the Category Design Advisors’ team in an open forum
Join Us: Category Design Office Hours
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Adjacent Possible: Why cryptocurrency's not quite ready for takeoff
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Category Opportunities: Technology for a no-touch world
CDA’s Kevin Maney highlights how IBM defined and dominated the category of “data processing.”
How Firing During An Economic Crisis Is A Mistake
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How COVID-19 Is Reversing The Economies of Scale
Category Design Advisor Workshops to help during the Covid-19 Economy
Category Design Thinking in the Covid-19 Economy
Corona Virus Map, How Purell and Zoom are using Category Design
Coronavirus, Zoom and Purell: Why Category Design Pays Off When A Crisis Hits
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Category Design Is a Key to Understanding Jack Welch’s Legacy
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Economist Paul Geroski's Thesis Explains Why Category Design Works
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Super Bowl Category Designer of The Year Awards
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How A Song & A Book Deliver Category Design Messaging
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Play Bigger Book Makes's Book List
Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade – Category Design Momentum
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Predictive Index Funding: The Category Design Pitch that lead to $50M in funding
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The Maney Books-Summer Reading List For Business Leaders
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Abu Dhabi, You Need to Think About Category Design ASAP
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The New Discipline of Category Design - Sydney, Tues, Feb 26th
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Expected IPOs This Year Led by Category Kings
How Metromile is Defining a New Category of Car Insurance
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Amazon’s Flywheel Momentum Continues to Dominate Categories
Category Designers and Fidget Spinners - Both Have Momentum
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Buyer Persona in Category Design - with David Ogilvy
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Gartner Magic Quadrants - Create Your Own
Category Designer Post-Mortem – Trump or Hillary?