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We are a global band of category designers. 

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Mike Damphousse

Mike brings a hard-nosed, pragmatic aspect to category design, baked in from two decades as a company founder, CEO, CMO and sales executive. He understands how companies work and how to take a category plan from concept to implementation.
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Kevin Maney

Kevin brings broad knowledge of technology and the economy to category design, and the art of words and creative thinking to the category process. He is co-author of the book “Play Bigger,” and has been an A-list writer and thinker about technology for 25 years.
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Peter Goldie

Peter has a track record of creating & launching market dominating products and is now a player-turned-coach, helping companies with the emerging discipline of category design. For the last decade he’s been an angel investor and advisor on business, strategy, product, and marketing.
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Steve Sklepowich

Steve is a software industry leader who has served in executive roles for venture-backed startups and Fortune 50 companies, including the Platform (acquired by Comcast), Microsoft and Apple. He has launched over 20 products in online video, mobile app marketing, autonomous robotics, interactive media and developer platforms.
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Elie Kanaan

Elie, brings an engineering mind coupled with a passion for human psychology. His life, career and interests have been a direct consequence of these two qualities. After graduating from Stanford University with a Master in Computer Sciences, he started his career as a developer at Oracle, when Oracle was a small company.
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Darryl Dickens

Darryl is based in Singapore and brings a deep experience base of Category Design both in-house as well as working with external clients on their category design.   His early days experience includes at Scient, the e-Business Systems Innovator, where he worked with co-author of Play Bigger, Chris Lochhead.

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