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Perhaps you've read the book Play Bigger, co-authored by CDA partner Kevin Maney, and have questions about strategic category design. Book a slot on our calendar to bounce ideas off a Category Design Advisors partner – pro bono.

"We’re seen as different from other vendors in the space. Every time I have a conversation with CIOs and CEOs, they immediately get it... We’re seen now as the Time Intelligence company.” Raj Narayanswamy, CEO Replicon
“A fresh perspective helped. The packaging, structure of the concept – we wouldn’t have gotten so far if not for an external force making us think longer term.” Brian Leonard and Stacy Brown-Philpot , TaskRabbit
“The category design process helped us dramatically sharpen and improve our category and direction, and develop messaging and positioning around it.”
Assaf Resnick, CEO, BigPanda
"When you’re clear about the problem, it’s amazing how the category manifests itself.”
Ragy Thomas, CEO, Sprinklr
"It’s been an epic feat to get to this point, and the CDA team gave us the push we need to get uncomfortable, be bold, and to think differently.”
Alyssa Merwin-Henderson, VP Global Sales Solutions, LinkedIn®
"Category Design Advisors quickly became part of the Ripples team – if we need category advice, we just tap them in."
Yossi Meshulam, CEO, Ripples
"Our portfolio companies spent a half day understanding category design thinking and walked away with actionable takeaways." Craig Rosenberg, Chief Platform Officer, Scale Venture Partners

Orchestrate a business strategy that vaults your company to the elite level.

Strategic category design puts your company in a unique position – apart from the crowd.


What’s the problem to solve?


What solution must exist?


Why are you that solution?

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“A fresh perspective helped. The packaging, structure of the concept – we wouldn’t have gotten so far if not for an external force making us think longer term.”

Brian Leonard and Stacy Brown-Philpot , TaskRabbit

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Category Design Resources

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Category-Led Growth: The “-Led Growth” Strategy That Ensures the Others Succeed

Enduring, impactful, high-growth companies give us something new — something that didn’t exist before. But if it didn’t exist before, the challenge is to create powerful demand.

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Perception vs. Perspective: The Value of Seeing Your Business From the Outside In

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Strategic Category Design and Vision Entropy: Insights from Teledesic’s Demise

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Consider the Elephant: Why Your Company’s POV Should Touch Emotions

Emotions open the door. Facts seal the deal. That works far better than the other way around.

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