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We often hear from people who have read the book Play Bigger (co-authored by our partner, Kevin Maney) and have questions about running their own category design / category creation project. Now you can reserve a slot to bounce issues off a Category Design Advisors partner – pro bono.

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The Zoomification of Category Design:

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we now offer category design workshops via Zoom. The same process, the same outcome, but with some social distancing. We've also broken the process into a SaaS type model that better suits today's new normal. 

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We help companies identify,
define and win new market categories.

Our category design process helps leadership teams land on a clear and compelling strategy, get alignment inside the organization, and communicate the positioning to the world at large.

Talk with Play Bigger co-author Kevin Maney.

Discuss your category design strategy with Play Bigger co-author, Kevin Maney.

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Category design is critical to success at
many points in a company’s life.

We understand that time is crucial for young companies and leadership teams. Our category design workshop will get you to a clear, well-designed strategic direction and message in three days. We call it time-to-category.

We know, too, that larger companies can be more complex and require a deeper dive and more proof points. Our transformation program embeds our team with your company for three to six months, working with your team to uncover the right category and drive it through the company and into the market.

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Get the focus right and find a differentiating market space.

Find and define a new space and tell a compelling story for potential investors when fund-raising.

If pivoting, identify and define a clear new strategy that moves on from previous successes.

The category design process helped us dramatically sharpen and improve our category and direction, and develop messaging and positioning around it.
Assaf Resnick
CEO, Big Panda.  

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Get alignment around a clear strategy that drives product development, marketing, sales, recruitment and investor relations.

Develop a compelling strategy story that you can tell to investment bankers and put in the S1.

We realized very quickly we were able to define the company that way,
Raj Narayanswamy
CEO, Replicon

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Identify and define a bold new growth direction that builds on previous successes.

For enterprise R&D, build a strategy for innovation by identifying a new category the company can create and dominate.

What category design did for us was package up a clear narrative.
Brian Leonard
co-founder, TaskRabbit

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Category design thinking can help young
entrepreneurs find their place in the global market.

VC firms: Workshops for small groups of portfolio companies can inject category design concepts into your founders’ strategic thinking.

Incubators and accelerators: educational sessions about category design can help large groups of new entrepreneurs think creatively about their product and market space.

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Contact us to learn more about defining your category. What's your Category?

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